The Time Has Come…

I am proud to share my completed portfolio site: Meme Ellis Digital Media Works.

Here you will find an introduction page with quick blog posts to alert you of any new updates added to the site.  There is a bio page where you can learn more about my professional editing background, where I received my education, and past companies I’ve worked for.  There is a page dedicated to several videos I have edited using the program Final Cut Pro 7.  The first video is my reel and the rest are complete projects.  The next page has a couple videos where I have dabbled into web content.  As I expand my work experience, I wil continue to add to this page.  And the last two pages contain my resumé and information about where you can contact me or use the form provided.

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy looking through my site and view the projects I had so much fun working on!


Google Reflection

I was a little apprehensive about filling 15 minutes of content, but realized after my first group that I had more than enough. Since there are so many different subtopics to discuss with Google, I primarily focused on their search. I tried to think of what viewers would want to learn and find interesting. Since I knew there were several others presenting the same topic, I figured they would also be covering similar content, especially regarding the start up of Google so I tried to vary the presentation some.

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Google Discussion Leader Presentation

My Google presentation is a basic overview of how Google came into existence, how the search function works behind the scenes, criticism the company has received, the meaning behind the new privacy policy, and the announcement of Google Glasses.  The presentation also includes fun facts and how you can find hidden Easter eggs using Google Search and the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

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For the Common Good

This week’s readings really emphasized what we have been learning about all quarter, which is the availability of free information for anyone who has an Internet connection.  These set of readings also discuss the pitfalls of this, which I think are minimal in the grand scheme of things.  Although we can all benefit from more information, it’s especially moving to read about how MIT’s OpenCourseWare has impacted those previously had limited resources.

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John & Jane Doe Journalism

Citizen journalism is the idea that any person without professional journalism experience can use widely available publishing tools (e.g., WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger) to report an event, make an argument or statement, create an opinion piece, or do their own research and fact checking.  Social media, smart phones, and media sharing technology has made it possible for users to participate in citizen journalism or consume it instantly.  Due to this real time sharing and posting ability, citizen journalists have the ability to report breaking news faster than larger media corporations.  Examples of this can be seen with the Occupy movement and during the Egyptian revolution.

This concept has certainly taken off and has become quite the trend, which means criticism and confusion follows suit.  Many professionals frown upon user generated content by questioning the credibility, quality, and the amateur/sloppy nature of unregulated content.  Some also believe that only trained journalists would comprehend certain ethical codes and taught precision when reporting.  The term citizen journalism has been noted to be unclear as well.  It has been asked if professionals who blog on their personal sites then considered citizen journalists.  Only time will tell as the definition continues to evolve.